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Expedited Passport Renewal

Expedited Passport Renewal

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Passport Renewal Fees

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US Passport Renewal Form
In order for you to renew your US passport, there is a passport form that you must complete. The type of form that you complete varies depending on your age group, where you are applying from and if you will be using the US postal system or completing the application form in person. In the past you could only apply for passport renewal through the mail or going into the Passport Agency but today, there is a Passport Application Form Wizard that makes it easy for you to apply for passport renewal online.

What is the Passport Wizard?
The passport wizard is an application system that makes finding and completing the right application form a simple task. This wizard helps you decide the passport form that is right for you; makes completing the form
online a possibility; and it will also give you an estimated cost of what you will be required to pay. Once the form has been completed online using the wizard, you will simply need to print the form and submit it through the appropriate channels.

Requirements when printing your application form online
When printing your passport renewal form, ensure that it is printed clearly and that the printing contrast is sharp and understandable. If your form has any blurring or is incoherent, it will not be processed.
When printing your passport renewal form; whether, it is in writing or online, ensure that you write it or type it in black in using an 8*11 inch paper. The paper should be white and with a matte finish.

What is the right passport renewal form?
When renewing your passport, you must complete the DS-82 form and no other. This form can be completed online or you may opt to print the form and then fill in the information. This form may also be collected at your local Passport Agency or from an Accepting Facility.

When filling out the DS-82 form, ensure that you provide all requested information because your passport application cannot be completed without all necessary information such as your social security number, SSN. On the first page of the application form, there is a place for date and your signature. Sign these open slots to ensure proper processing of your application form.

Once you have completed the application form, your next step is to submit it with all supporting documents.

The documents that are needed for proper passport renewal are listed below:
- A passport picture. This picture should be stapled on to your application form in the appropriate space that is provided for the picture.
- The renewal passport fees should also be included and
- A court order or marriage certificate if your name has been changed since your last passport was distributed.

When applying for a passport renewal, the completion of the DS-82 form is needed. Once this form has been completed, you must submit it through the mail and await the delivery of your new passport six to eight weeks after you have sent in the application form.