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Online resource for the latest information on passport renewals in the United States and useful links that may be relevant when renewing your US passport. A standard adult passport renewal costs US$110.00 and Child passports renewal cost US$80.00. Expedited passport renewal cost US$60.00 for each application.

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If your US passport has expired, chances are, you are ready to have it renewed. The passport renewal process is a simple enough task and requires the completion of a passport renewal form if you are doing it in person and the completion of the DS-82 form if you are doing it through the US postal system. Although the renewal process is simple, you may end up waiting an extended period of time, if you send in your passport form with the wrong fee for renewal.
What does Passport Renewal Cost?
The cost for passport renewal varies from individual to individual and the amount that you pay depends greatly on what you are applying for and how old you are. Adult passport renewal for adults ages 16 and over is $110 if you are applying for the passport book alone. If you are applying for the passport card, along with the book, you will need to send in a fee of $140 along with your completed DS-82 form.

When applying  for the passport card alone, if you already have an active passport book, the cost for this renewal is $40. The renewal process can be completed through the mail and this is the recommended application process for adults renewing their passport.

Passport Renewal Cost for Children under the age of 16/Minors
To apply for a passport renewal for minors, it requires the completion of a DS-11 form along with the execution fee of $25. The application cost is the same
passport; whether, it is a renewal or first time application, you must take the minor to the closest US Embassy, Passport Agency or Acceptance Facility and complete the application process in person.

Please keep in mind that the above mentioned $25 for execution fee is not included in the processing fees listed. This amount should be paid along with the stated application fees. The passport renewal cost for adults do not include an execution fee and adults should only make this payment if they are applying for a passport for the very first time.

If you have a passport that needs to be renewed, get the appropriate forms completed. When completing the forms, ensure that you follow all instructions accurately. Do not leave anything out because an incomplete form will stall your application process and you will have to do the form all over again.

You may also opt to apply for your passport renewal using the the expedited service and this is an additional cost of $60. Before applying for the renewal of your passport, think about what you desire before submitting your application form and renewal cost.
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